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Today we are surrounded by machines which do myriad tasks for us. From household washing machine to industrial robots, the machines are ubiquitous. Most of the tasks which were being done by human/animal energy in the not so distant past are today done at breakneck speeds by these machines. As we practically depend on machines for our day to day life, it is critical that the machines work optimally and continuously. A failure of some critical machine can bring an entire industrial plant to a standstill while an inefficient machine consuming more power can be harmful to the environment.

To ensure machines work as they are desired to work, engineers have been creating various ways of monitoring them. While even the earliest of automobiles had odometers, today’s average car depends on hundreds of sensors and an on-board computer for operation.

As the cost of sensors and electronics has gone down exponentially over the last few decades, today’s machines have numerous sensors built into them. Combine this with availability of ubiquitous wireless communication, all the measured data can be accessed even remotely. As too much of data is easily accessible, we further need ways to process that data to make sense out of it.

We at HelioKraft technologies Pvt Ltd provide customized solutions for remote monitoring and automated performance analysis of machines. If you would like to increase reliability of your machines or improve their efficiency, we would be glad to assist you.


Anand Teke

Anand Teke

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Hemant Shinde



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