Automated Alerts

Provides automated alerts for cleaning and maintenance to the right at right time

Financial Reports

SolarBot tracks energy output as well as financial benefits from each system to give reports on return of investment

Advanced Analytics

Evaluates performance of each system with historical as well as live weather data.

Plug and Play

SolarBot is compatible with all major brands of inverters and can be easily installed by anybody for existing systems as well.

Why SolarBot

Solar PV systems offer an attractive way to consumers to generate electricity on their own rooftops. The generation is environment friendly and is also economically beneficial in the long run. While it is easy to list the environment benefits of solar power, accounting of economic benefits of a system can be difficult at times.

Users of PV systems seldom keep track of benefits accrued every month. Many systems remain underutilized due when panels are not cleaned in time. A fault as small as a tripped MCB may get noticed only after receiving monthly bill from the utility. On the other hand, failed SPDs remain unnoticed for months to come.

The basic nature of the PV systems is such that considerable financial investment is required in the beginning while the benefits are accumulated slowly over the time. The investor has to rely on projected figures of generation at the time of investment. The situation is further complicated as the performance of the system depends to a large extent on natural factors.

SolarBot addresses all the above issues by remote monitoring and automated performance analysis of solar systems. Both consumers and installers can depend on SolarBot for optimum utilization of the solar PV systems.

SolarBot Hardware

  • Monitor any Solar PV System Remotely
  • Compatible with all major brands of inverters
  • GPRS connection, SIM card included
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Subscription for 1 year included
  • Free delivery across India
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